27 November 2015

Stadium Tour - Boro to Leeds

After I visited Hartlepool the other week and got a picture outside Victoria Park, I decided that since I don't get to go to many away matches, with me living away from Manchester, I would try and get a photo at as many stadiums as possible. I already have photos from outside the Riverside, Old Trafford and the Etihad, so that was 4 down already!

I’d been to the Stadium of Light once before but I never got a picture to prove it. So, when we went to Newcastle the other week, we decided to go to St James’ Park while we were there and visit Sunderland too. We parked in the car park and got a couple photos in front of the gates as well as the entrance and managed escape without anyone thinking I was a fan.  At Sunderland, there were people setting up for the new season but I sneaked a photo in front of the gates (and the car park was free). 

Number seven, eight, nine and ten on the list of grounds were a little further afield although I'm starting to think that this may only be a tour of 'nearby teams' for the time being. The likes of Brighton and Southampton will have to wait a bit longer for me to visit! (There's probably someone further south than that but I've not Googled it).

Anyway, we went to visit Huddersfield, Bradford, Leeds and York the other month, about an hour and a half away from home. I was surprised at how big Huddersfield's Stadium is, and I got a picture outside the players' entrance. Another bonus was that we could see the pitch from outside of John Smith's Stadium; they were getting things ready for the start of next season.

Bradford’s ground took some finding; it was a nightmare driving through the city centre and then the Sat Nav decided to abandon us. Eventually, we parked up so that I could snap a couple of photos.  After dinner, we went on to Leeds which was also a bit difficult. Due to it being only a week before the start of next season people were constantly coming and going from the main entrance, so I had to pick my moment to get a photo!

The final visit of the day was to Bootham Crescent in York. It was much easier to get to, and one of the players said hello to us (I’ve no idea who it was, sorry!)

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