15 December 2015

A Trip to York

I’ve always liked York; I used to visit often when I was younger. It was the perfect autumn day when we drove to York the other week. We walked along by the River Ouse with the sun making the water sparkle. It reminded me of the time I went on a canal boat down the Ouse, sitting on the roof of the boat as the sun beat down. 

We walked into the centre of the city – there are lots of shops and places to eat. There’s also lots of little roads and one of the best places to walk round is The Shambles with its tiny cobbled road and little shops either side.  There’s also a really nice fudge shop (if you can find it – we didn’t this time!) We got a milkshake each from CafĂ© Nero and walked to the Minster since it was too nice of a day to be stuck inside. We didn’t go inside York Minster, but you can and entry is about £10. We finished our trip by walking along the castle wall; this gave us a different view of the Minster, as well as a brilliant view of York itself. (I also saw a hedgehog in someone’s garden.)

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