18 December 2015


These pictures are actually from a couple of years ago, when me and a friend found two baby hedgehogs in the garden, but I thought I’d share them anyway. We had been sat inside having dinner when we heard squeaking – like the noise that a guinea pig might make. We looked outside and saw these two cute little baby hedgehogs. They were on the patio in the back garden so we put on gloves and moved them back up the steps to the grass where we guessed they would have come from. 

Later, when it had got dark we could hear them again so we rang a helpline for people who had found hedgehogs and we were told to bring them inside, to keep them warm, and that we could feed them plain cat food. So we did. We brought the two of them inside in a cardboard box and fed them one of the cats’ chicken pouches which they seemed to enjoy. 

The next day we could hear another hedgehog outside and thought that it could be looking for the two we had, so we put the box outside under the hedge with some food, in the hope that they would find each other. Once we came home they had both gone; I like to think that they managed to reunite!

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