18 October 2016

Romanby and Newby Wiske

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to go out for lunch somewhere further afield. We’d decided to head to Harrogate, but the weather was a bit grey so we stayed a bit closer to home and went to Northallerton to Betty’s Tea Rooms. There was only a small queue so it didn’t take us long to be sat down at a table. I ordered my usual – egg and cress sandwiches. We also got a portion of chips to share and Betty’s tearoom blend tea, which was delicious. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time for pudding but we did look around the shop before we left and we got to sample a couple of the chocolates.

It had stopped raining as we left, so we decided to drive home via the little villages nearby so that I could get some photos of the Autumn colours. We went first to Romanby, a village not far from Northallerton. I got a few pictures including one of a lovely willow tree draped over a bridge. We also found some conkers to take home to protect us from spiders. 

Next, we drove through the villages of Yafforth and Warlaby, both of which I’d never heard of. I got some lovely pictures of the Autumn leaves and managed to photograph a hiding squirrel. We then parked up in a village called Newby Wiske where I managed to take a photo of a heron in a stream; which would have been lovely had it not been for the chorus of especially loud mooing coming from a nearby barn. There was also music blaring but we couldn’t place where it was coming from as we were in the middle of nowhere which was quite odd. The place had a bit of a weird feel so we drove on to the next village. 

We went through Sandhutton and Carlton Miniott before getting lost and ending up in Thirsk. We didn’t get out of the car in Thirsk because it had started pouring down again so we headed home via Carlton where I got some autumn photos.

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