31 January 2017

Hackfall Wood

We went to Hackfall wood a couple of weeks ago, after it had been snowing.  Hackfall wood is near to Grewelthorpe in North Yorkshire and you can walk to the village from the wood, it's about a mile there.  One of the main features of the wood is the fountain which was built over 200 years ago.  There’s a water pump that you can use to get the fountain to work.  The pond had frozen over almost completely – we were able to skim pieces of ice across the surface – and it had created a lovely winter scene.  Across from the fountain is the Rustic Temple and further along there is the Grotto which was restored a few years ago.

The picture with the red door at the bottom of this post is the Banqueting House and gothic terrace which overlooks the pond and fountain as well as providing views of Nidderdale.  It is also used as a holiday cottage. 

Another building in Hackfall wood is Mowbray Castle, built between 1750 and 1767.  You can see the castle from the bottom of the hill and can access it by crossing stepping stones over a stream.  At the bottom of the hill there is a forked path with one side leading up to the Banqueting House and the other goes to Grewelthorpe which is about a miles walk away.


20 January 2017

West Rounton

A couple of weeks ago we went for dinner in East Rounton at Roots farm shop and cafĂ©.  It was very busy so we had to wait about 15-minutes but we were there at lunch time. Once we ordered our food, it arrived quickly and was really nice; we had the full English breakfast and scrambled egg on toast with eggs from the farm. Outside there was the farm shop and a cute cat asleep under the shelves.

We decided that we would go for a walk and ended up in West Rounton, about a mile away.  There were some more cats – a lovely one with bright blue eyes and a fluffy ginger one like mine.


10 January 2017


Thorgill is a little village near Rosedale on the North York Moors.  The picture above is looking down into Rosedale through the fog (I haven’t edited it at all – it was that atmospheric.)  It was a really cold day and the frost made for some great photos of the countryside.

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