6 June 2017

Cat Cafe, Manchester

When I was in Manchester to watch City last Saturday, we decided to visit the Cat Café.  I have two cats at home, so it’s probably more of a treat if you don’t have your own cat as I can sit and drink tea with them anytime.

We paid £12 each for an hour with cats and got unlimited hot drinks.  (We booked in advance, but you can just walk in of the street and pay for a few minutes). When we first sat down there was a white cat fast asleep on the chair next to us – one of the rules is that you can’t wake up a cat if it’s sleeping – so I took a picture of him asleep.  More of the cats were asleep actually, but when we walked past the café later on in the day a lot more of them were awake and the café was less busy.  I suppose it’s just luck whether the cats will be asleep or not. 

The cats are able to leave whenever they like - I'm sure you know how aloof cats are - but there were lots of toys and treats to keep them interested. One man who was sat near us had a cat come and sleep on his lap! As you can see from the picture above, you have to wear those over your shoes when inside the café.  

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