18 December 2015


These pictures are actually from a couple of years ago, when me and a friend found two baby hedgehogs in the garden, but I thought I’d share them anyway. We had been sat inside having dinner when we heard squeaking – like the noise that a guinea pig might make. We looked outside and saw these two cute little baby hedgehogs. They were on the patio in the back garden so we put on gloves and moved them back up the steps to the grass where we guessed they would have come from. 

Later, when it had got dark we could hear them again so we rang a helpline for people who had found hedgehogs and we were told to bring them inside, to keep them warm, and that we could feed them plain cat food. So we did. We brought the two of them inside in a cardboard box and fed them one of the cats’ chicken pouches which they seemed to enjoy. 

The next day we could hear another hedgehog outside and thought that it could be looking for the two we had, so we put the box outside under the hedge with some food, in the hope that they would find each other. Once we came home they had both gone; I like to think that they managed to reunite!


15 December 2015

A Trip to York

I’ve always liked York; I used to visit often when I was younger. It was the perfect autumn day when we drove to York the other week. We walked along by the River Ouse with the sun making the water sparkle. It reminded me of the time I went on a canal boat down the Ouse, sitting on the roof of the boat as the sun beat down. 

We walked into the centre of the city – there are lots of shops and places to eat. There’s also lots of little roads and one of the best places to walk round is The Shambles with its tiny cobbled road and little shops either side.  There’s also a really nice fudge shop (if you can find it – we didn’t this time!) We got a milkshake each from CafĂ© Nero and walked to the Minster since it was too nice of a day to be stuck inside. We didn’t go inside York Minster, but you can and entry is about £10. We finished our trip by walking along the castle wall; this gave us a different view of the Minster, as well as a brilliant view of York itself. (I also saw a hedgehog in someone’s garden.)


8 December 2015

Stadium Tour - Liverpool to Rochdale

I went to Liverpool on the same day that I visited Oldham and Manchester.  We went to Tranmere first as it was the furthest away.  Driving through the Mersey Tunnel is terrifying, and I had to do it twice to get Prenton Park and back. We were going to avoid it on the way back, but the detour would have added on an hour and a half to the journey.  After I'd taken photos here we drove back through the tunnel and to Anfield.  They were getting a new stand built, I think, so it was quite busy.  

Next, we went to Goodison Park; I was surprised at how close the two stadiums actually are to each other!  The man in the carpark told us where we could park and an Everton bus waved at us while were taking photos in front of the Goodison Road sign. After leaving Everton we drove into Liverpool city centre to see the Liver bird building and headed to Albert Dock for a bite to eat.

The final stops on our long day of touring were Wigan, Bolton, Bury and Rochdale.  We went to Wigan first after dinner - they actually have a brick in the front of the stadium commemorating when they beat us (City) in the cup final.

Bolton were shutting their gates by the time we got there so we quickly snapped a photo and drove to Bury, who actually had shut their gates!  (I had to get a photo through the bars.) Luckily, the last ground on our tour, Rochdale, was easy to get to and I was able to get a picture without any trouble.  Eighteen down, 74 to go…


1 December 2015

Stadium Tour - Oldham, City and United

Continuing on with my ‘nearby stadiums tour’, we drove to Oldham’s ground, Boundary Park. We parked outside the ground and took pictures in front of the main entrance. (Between taking the first two photos below, I got chased by a dog!). 

After that incident, we went back to Manchester and to my beloved City's home, the Etihad. I already have numerous photos from here but since we were passing by... It was a lovely sunny day in Manchester too.

The next stop, sadly, was Old Trafford. I don't know what was going on, but they had people at the barriers into the car park and the place was full of tourists. I decided to get a quick photo and make a hasty exit before anyone noticed me in my City colours.


27 November 2015

Stadium Tour - Boro to Leeds

After I visited Hartlepool the other week and got a picture outside Victoria Park, I decided that since I don't get to go to many away matches, with me living away from Manchester, I would try and get a photo at as many stadiums as possible. I already have photos from outside the Riverside, Old Trafford and the Etihad, so that was 4 down already!

I’d been to the Stadium of Light once before but I never got a picture to prove it. So, when we went to Newcastle the other week, we decided to go to St James’ Park while we were there and visit Sunderland too. We parked in the car park and got a couple photos in front of the gates as well as the entrance and managed escape without anyone thinking I was a fan.  At Sunderland, there were people setting up for the new season but I sneaked a photo in front of the gates (and the car park was free). 

Number seven, eight, nine and ten on the list of grounds were a little further afield although I'm starting to think that this may only be a tour of 'nearby teams' for the time being. The likes of Brighton and Southampton will have to wait a bit longer for me to visit! (There's probably someone further south than that but I've not Googled it).

Anyway, we went to visit Huddersfield, Bradford, Leeds and York the other month, about an hour and a half away from home. I was surprised at how big Huddersfield's Stadium is, and I got a picture outside the players' entrance. Another bonus was that we could see the pitch from outside of John Smith's Stadium; they were getting things ready for the start of next season.

Bradford’s ground took some finding; it was a nightmare driving through the city centre and then the Sat Nav decided to abandon us. Eventually, we parked up so that I could snap a couple of photos.  After dinner, we went on to Leeds which was also a bit difficult. Due to it being only a week before the start of next season people were constantly coming and going from the main entrance, so I had to pick my moment to get a photo!

The final visit of the day was to Bootham Crescent in York. It was much easier to get to, and one of the players said hello to us (I’ve no idea who it was, sorry!)


24 November 2015

Llama Trekking in Nidderdale

Llama trekking. I didn't even know that llama trekking was a thing until recently. I went llama trekking for my mam's birthday back in May and I would honestly recommend it to anyone. (The first two pictured are alpacas but are still cute.)

The llamas are based in Nidderdale, North Yorkshire and were easy to find as they emailed us directions. (We also did a practice run). You need to book in advance and can choose a short or longer walk; our walk was 1.5 miles which took about 2 hours. There were 3 of us in our group, we all got a llama each, but another couple got a llama between them. This may have been a wise decision as my llama was quite strong!

When we arrived we went in to where the llamas are kept and, after introductions, we were each assigned a llama based on our personalities. My llama was called Gus. I think we were a good match as he wasn't as boisterous as the others, although he did try and eat everything in sight!

During the trek we stopped for photos but I managed to take some whilst we were walking round. Gus even posed for a selfie with me! Overall, it was a fantastic day out which made me love llamas even more. I will definitely be going back in the future.

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