7 May 2019

Walk from Leyburn to Harmby Waterfall

The walk that I found online was a 5 mile circular route from Leyburn to Harmby and back, starting in Leyburn, however, we started the walk at Harmby so that we saw the waterfall at the end of the walk.

To Leyburn

We left our car on Harmby Bank and after a bit of confusion as to where the start of the walk actually was, we headed down the hill until we reached a farm and walked along a wild flower path. We were joined on this part of the walk by a cute black cat who followed us for quite a way.  Harmby is a small village near Leyburn, in Wensleydale, North Yorkshire.

The views from here were amazing, there was a sign pointing out all the landmarks in the distance – including Middleham Castle. Once we had completed the walk we sat here in the field for our picnic.


Leyburn was a much bigger town than I thought it was going to be. We’d brought our own dinner as I wasn’t sure if we’d be able to find a cafĂ© there – there were lots, several pubs, a market and many other shops. Market day in Leyburn is on a Friday.

From Leyburn, the walk takes you back through a number of fields, some with cows in, until you reach Harmby Quarry. Just over the road from here is the start of walk and Harmby Waterfall. You have to cross over a stream to get to the waterfall, while a wooden gate allows closer access. It was lovely and quiet; we didn’t see another person whilst we were there.

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