25 September 2020

Walking the Settle Loop - Scaleber Force and Victoria Caves

We started our little trip in Settle and decided to walk the Settle loop which is a walk you can find the map for online, that takes you past two waterfalls and a number of caves near Settle. The entire walk is about 9 miles.

After climbing over a stile, we headed through Scaleber Wood where the trees were just beginning to turn. You don’t have to walk far before you can hear the noise from the waterfall, and you can see it if you peer over the edge. Not being great with heights, I was pleased that you could walk to down some steps to the foot of the waterfall where you are greeted with a much better, spectacular view. 

With Scalebar only being a short walk from the roadside where you could park, there were a few people already there (including the usual massive-camera people), but we still had chance to admire the 40ft waterfall.

Leaving Scaleber we headed back along the road and turned right onto the footpath. Taking the next left, the path takes you through a field of cows before the first caves come into view. We stopped for a picnic on some of the rocks overlooking the caves.

Inside the several caves along the walk, prehistoric remains have been found. The earliest fossils are 130,000 years old and include mammoths, straight-tusked elephants, cave bears and hyenas. The one that we climbed up to was called Victoria Cave, which was named as such because the inner chamber of the cave was discovered on the day of Queen Victoria’s accession to the throne in 1837. Venturing inside, you can see water trickling down the walls. 

Jubilee cave is tiny in comparison – so small that we nearly missed it! From here you can turn left to walk to Catrigg Force and complete the loop, or head back into the town. We walked back to Settle, and from the path back down you have a view of pretty much the entire town, including the trains going past from the station.

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