9 February 2016

Chester Zoo

II was going to go to Chester Zoo in the summer. My Gran got me an IOU for my last birthday so that we could go earlier this year rather than in the winter, but we decided to go in October so that it wouldn’t be too busy.  We hired a car as the journey was going to take just over 3 hours; we set off quite early and got there in good time – unlike the return journey! I’m just going to post a few of the photos I took on the day as there were hundreds. I tried to get each animal to look at me, haha.

You can probably tell – I love cats – so I was excited to see the tigers. (I was beyond excited, it was the whole reason I was going.) I’d not seen tigers since we were on safari a few years back. There were two in the enclosure but much to my disappointment they were hidden when we first got there. After we’d walked round elsewhere, we came back a second time and you could see and hear one of the tigers up on the hill. I managed to get this amazing picture of a tiger cub! He came down to the water just feet away from where we were standing. 

The journey home was somewhat eventful.  What should have taken three hours took seven and a half because of a lorry crash/spillage on the motorway and I ended up having to find my own way home in the dark via Liverpool because the Sat Nav wouldn’t help us!


2 February 2016

Roker Beach

City were playing Sunderland away so while we were there, we went to see the street where my great-great Gran lived.  Not far from there is Roker beach; so, we paid a visit there too before the match.  It was absolutely freezing and the wind was really strong, though it did make for a few sandstorms that I managed to photograph. 

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