4 December 2020

Roseberry in the Fog


It was really foggy outside – the kind of fog where you can’t see your hand in front of you, so I decided the best place to go was somewhere high up. We parked just outside of Kildale and walked to Ingleby Incline a mile or so away. The fog was gradually becoming worse as we walked, until we reached the top of the Incline and it was like a completely different day; we were higher than the clouds and the sun was shining. 


The highest point on the North York Moors is Round Hill and from here we could look down over the countryside and just about make out Roseberry Topping poking through the fog. It was like being on a plane and looking down over the clouds. I managed to get some amazing photos before it started to get dark and I slid down a hill on the way back as the fog started surrounding us (!) 

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