12 January 2016


I hadn’t been to Knaresborough before but I’d had it recommended to me a few times. We visited at the end of October and arrived to find the city under a blanket of mist, creating some lovely photos. We parked near to Knaresborough Castle and headed over to the castle wall where we were greeted by the amazing view of Knaresborough’s famous viaduct. After taking in the view, we walked down some really steep steps to reach the bottom, then walked along by the River Nidd, making sure to turn around and see the castle from a different angle. 

We were going to go to Mother Shipton’s cave, but the people who worked there were dressed up in Hallowe’en outfits – I think it was the school holidays – so we’re going to go another time instead. Speaking (or writing) of Hallowe’en, we came across a bat as we walked through the park. I didn’t think bats came out during the day so I’m not sure what this one was doing. I got a brilliant picture of a squirrel sat on the wall of the churchyard as we headed back to the castle; I also made sure to capture the beautiful oranges and reds of the autumn trees. We had lunch in a lovely little cafĂ©, The Moat Buttery Tea Shoppe then after a wander round the castle, we headed back home as it was freezing by this point!

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