26 January 2016

Rievaulx Abbey

I hadn’t heard of Rievaulx Abbey before I went, though I'd driven past it a good few times. It’s just off the main road between Chop Gate and Helmsley and there’s also Rievaulx Terrace next door to it. The Abbey is looked after by the English Heritage whereas the Terrace is run by the National Trust. It costs about £8 to get in and you can walk around the whole Abbey and grounds. There was also the option to buy a map or an audio guide to help you walk round.

The Abbey itself is impressive; it was founded in 1132 and most of the Abbey is still standing. Parts of the tiled floor and other rooms and buildings were also still intact. I particularly liked the arches where the windows would have been and took lots of photos. It’s strange to think how the Abbey would have once looked before it was pulled down on the orders of Henry VIII (my 14 times great-grandfather nonetheless) in 1538. 

Once you've made your way round the Abbey (there's lots to look round) there's a cafĂ© at the end to enjoy a cup of tea.

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