12 April 2016

Saltburn Pier

Now that it’s a bit warmer, I decided I would head back to Saltburn so I could take some photos on the beach.  I went with one of my friends and we took advantage of the empty playground (perk of being self-employed and being able to go midweek) even though someone had removed the zip wire!  

Unfortunately, neither the miniature railway or cliff lift was running (downside of going midweek!) but we did make it to the end of the pier even though we’re not good with heights. The pier is the last one remaining on the North East coast, with only around 50 pleasure piers surviving in the country. I definitely recommend going to the very end of the pier; you can see right along the coastline to the beaches at Redcar and Marske.  We finished our trip by getting fish and chips for dinner and losing a few coins in the arcades.


5 April 2016


Grewelthorpe is a little village near to Ripon in North Yorkshire.  The photos at the beginning of this post were taken just outside of Ripon en route to Grewelthorpe.  They have nothing to do with this post, I just thought I’d include them because it was strange to just be driving through a built-up area and spot a group of llamas on the hillside.

Our main reason for coming to Grewelthorpe was because when I was researching my family tree, several of my ancestors used to live there.  So, we arrived and had a wander around the picturesque village, and a lady from the village hall pointed us in the direction of the specific house we were looking for where my ancestors used to live.  It was quite a big house, the part on the right we think was the original building, and it still has the same name today.

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