2 August 2016

Lake District - Elterwater

Whilst looking for walks to do during our trip to the lakes, we came across Elterwater, a small lake just outside the village of the same name. The walk was maybe 4 or 5 miles but we didn’t complete the whole thing – not because I was too tired I’d like to add, but because we got lost – what a surprise. 

The first part of the walk was through fields around the lake, with amazing views of the hills in the background. We made it past a couple of unnerving cows and arrived at Skelwith Force, a 15ft waterfall.  The spray from the water created a rainbow which I was lucky enough to capture.  

The next part was to walk to Skelwith Bridge.  I thought that it meant an actual bridge, so when we reached the bridge over the waterfall that’s the way that we went.  Funnily enough it turns out that it’s actually a place (oops) and we’d gone the wrong way, but the views on the walk back more than made up for this!

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