2 September 2016

White Horse, Sutton Bank

We went to Sutton Bank the other week to see the white horse; I’ve been to the one in Wiltshire but surprisingly not to this one before.  We parked at the top of the bank and followed the footpath.  I took some photos of the view and was surprised to see how close we were to the gliders; they were just feet away from the path.  We watched as the plane took them into the air then let them go to glide on their own – something which I wouldn’t dare to ever do, no matter how good a photo it would make!  We got to watch them land too, it was quite a bumpy landing for a couple of them.

Known as the Kilburn White Horse, it is 314 feet long and 228 feet high. You can get a better view of the horse from the picnic area bottom of the hill.

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