1 November 2016

Stamford Bridge, York

A couple of weeks ago we went out for a drive to Stamford Bridge (no, not that one) purely because of its name.  Stamford Bridge is a village on the River Derwent near York. The place itself is really picturesque and there are a number of different walks that you can do around the village. The history of the village can be traced back to a Roman fort in the year 70AD. The village was also host to the Battle of Stamford Bridge, which resulted in the end of the Viking era in Britain.

There’s an old railway line which we walked along and took pictures sitting on the edge of the platform, before walking across a tall bridge (not Stamford) that had amazing views along the river.  Circling back, we ate dinner in a little cafĂ© across from the water and made sure to visit the actual Stamford Bridge before heading home. The current bridge was built in 1725 and finished 2 years later; it is currently grade II listed.

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