21 March 2017


I’ve been to Knaresborough a few times, but the last time I visited it was Autumn and so the mist (although it created a lovely eerie atmosphere) stopped me from photographing the Viaduct and the view from the Castle. This time it was a cold crisp day so I managed to capture the area in the sun; a train was going across the viaduct and a little cat decided he wanted to be included in my photos! 

We walked down the steps by the castle, along by the River Nidd and had a lovely lunch at The Ugly Duckling, before heading back through the park to the town centre. 

Knaresborough Castle was built around 1100 and looks down over the river Nidd; it was still in use until 1648.  It also overlooks Knaresborough viaduct which was completed in 1851 after collapsing 3 years earlier.

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