31 March 2017

Souter Lighthouse

Souter Lighthouse is in Marsden in South Shields and is currently owned by the National Trust.  It was built in 1871 and continued to be in use up until 1988.  When we visited, we were able go up to the top of the lighthouse as well as see the engine room, the lighthouse keepers’ living area and the foghorn. 

The Engine Room

In the engine room you can see the generators used to power the foghorn.  They also have a miniature model of the lighthouse, coastline and keepers’ cottages to look at.  Souter was the first lighthouse in the world designed and built to be powered by electricity.

The Lighthouse

There are 76 steps to the top of the lighthouse.  After you’ve climbed the first set of spiral steps the second are more like a ladder so it’s probably best not to go to the very top if you have a problem with heights!  One of the guides took us up to the very top of the lighthouse where you can see along Whitburn beach and St Mary’s lighthouse at Whitley Bay.  I was also able to spin the light at the top.

The Keepers’ Living Area

You can have a look in a few of the rooms that would have been where the lighthouse keepers would have stayed.  I’ve added a couple of pictures below of the fireplace and a newspaper dating back to 1873!  You can also view the bedrooms upstairs.

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