8 March 2022



We parked at Boggle Hole (the road there is quite narrow and windy!) and followed the arrows towards Ravenscar. It’s quite a long walk there and back (6 miles) but you could stop off in the village halfway for a bite to eat. We also popped down to walk on the beach for a bit; although this isn’t part of the main walk it’s worth having a look if you have the time.

Back up on the cliff top, make sure you turn back to see Robin Hood’s Bay and stop and admire the coastal views. 

We arrived at Ravenscar and I spotted a seal in the distance, coming out of the water. I didn’t expect we were going to see any so I was pleased and was going to head back. We decided, luckily, to venture down the steep path to the bottom of the cliffs, where there must have been over a hundred seals, including a couple of seal pups! 

There are volunteers at the foot of the cliff and plenty of signs asking you not to get too close and disturb the seals. The photos of the seals below are all using the camera's zoom.

Main Points:

Distance – Roughly 6 miles there and back, linear walk, quite a steep climb down to the seals.

Parking – Boggle Hole car park (there’s an honesty box)

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