30 May 2017

Blossom at Stokesley

I've already written a post about blossom so this is going to be more of a picture post.  I’d been for dinner in Stokesley and I really love these pictures that I took of the blossom tree over the river Leven.  So, here you are:

I also saw a couple of water hens and their chicks so I thought I'd share how cute they were too.


26 May 2017

Boro v City

I went to my first away match last week at the Riverside.  Except it wasn't really an away match as I was sat in the home end (not recommended) because they're sort of my proper 'home team' and City had sold out their allocation of tickets. So I was sat in the home end, trying not to cheer when we scored and trying not look to miserable when they did.  I was advised not to wear my lucky scarf so that's why we didn't win, obviously.

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