14 June 2017

Holy Island

Holy Island is off the Northumberland coast.  You have to wait for the tide to go out before you can drive across to it, so it’s wise to check the tide timetables before you go.  When I was there you could drive back to the mainland at half past one then not again until half past eight that night!

Places to visit:

The Village
The village is tiny but there are a few shops and streets to wander around.

St Mary’s Church
Next to the priory is St Mary’s church overlooking the beach; it is a grade I listed building. You can have a look inside and sign the guest book.

Lindisfarne Priory
Lindisfarne Priory is part of the English Heritage and is £7.90 to get in.  I took a couple of photos of it from outside because we had limited time to get back to the car before the tide came in.  The Priory was founded way back in the year 635 but the ruins from much later, in the 12th century.

The Beach
Views from the beach include Bamburgh Castle and makes for a lovely walk along the coastline.

Lindisfarne Castle
Unfortunately, when we visited Holy Island the castle was undergoing some repairs (as you can tell in the picture above.)  It is owned by the National Trust and their website says that it will reopen in 2018.  The gardens to the left of the castle were just being planted when we were there but are still worth a look. The castle was built in 1550 and stones from the nearby Priory were used as building material.  The castle sits on Beblowe Hill, the highest point of the island.

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