21 November 2017

Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh

Another thing on my Edinburgh to-do list was Arthur’s Seat, which is an extinct volcano here in Edinburgh. At an elevation on 822ft, you can see for miles around once you’ve climbed to the top.

Having already checked out of our hotel on the morning and being without a car as we were catching the train, we ended up with the problem of having to carry our bags up the hill with us. (I say we, my boyfriend had to carry them!) Luckily they weren’t that heavy as the climb to the top gets quite tiring but I had the perfect excuse for a rest by stopping to take pictures of the amazing views.

We started the walk by passing Holyrood Palace and made our way up the hill; you could see the Balmoral and the castle quite clearly in the distance. There was a stream of people so you can’t get lost but at the plaque at the top of Arthur’s Seat it did get quite busy. After a strenuous climb, you are rewarded by amazing views of Edinburgh and across the water at Fife.

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