30 April 2019

Afternoon Tea at Betty's, Harrogate

Betty’s in Harrogate is the only one of the four restaurants that I hadn’t visited (the others being Northallerton, York and Ilkey), so after we were gifted vouchers for afternoon tea, I thought it was about time I did. 

Betty’s began in 1919, 100 years ago this year in fact.

After we had enjoyed afternoon tea, we walked through the valley gardens. The gardens are grade II listed, and together with the woodland cover 17 acres. The gardens contain a greater number of mineral springs than any other place (36).


16 April 2019

Thornton le Dale

Thornton le Dale is a little village in the Ryedale district of North Yorkshire, 3 miles east of Pickering; it is thought of as one of the prettiest villages in the county. Even the carpark was set in what wouldn’t have looked out of place as a walled garden.

The first place to visit in Thornton would be the recognisable cottage pictured above. The famous thatched cottage, now a museum called Beck Isle, has been used on many souvenirs over the years; it is a grade II listed building that was built in the 17th century, and extended in the 20th. From here, we followed the path, and although it’s quite a short walk, it takes you through a scenic part of the village with pretty cottages and gardens. Then, you cross through some fields and walk along the river until you reach the church at the other end, before heading back. 

In the village, we had lunch in a lovely little tea-room on the high street and visited the chocolate shop over the road where I had to stop myself from buying everything.

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