10 September 2019

Climbing Penshaw Monument

Penshaw Monument is a half scale replica of the Greek Temple of Hephaestus standing on Penshaw Hill. I’ve written a post about visiting Penshaw before, which you can find here, where I said that you can go up to the top of the monument via a staircase in one of the pillars. When we visited this time, I had no intention of climbing to the top but eventually decided I would even though I’m not good with heights!

The climb to the top is free for National Trust members otherwise it’s £5 each. We were given a torch each to wear on our heads because inside the pillar is too dark to see where you’re going. The spiral staircase goes up 446ft and I’m sure it got narrower near the top – though this might just have been me being scared. 

Once you’ve reached the top the views are worth the climb, you can see for miles around and you can even see the Stadium of Light in the distance.

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