3 June 2016

Aysgarth Falls

On our way home from the Forbidden Corner, we stopped off at Aysgarth Falls.  Aysgarth Falls are three waterfalls (Upper Falls, Middle Falls and Lower Falls), in the Yorkshire Dales, near to the village of Aysgarth, hence the name.  The upper falls can be seen from the bridge that you need to cross to get to it; the first photo in this post is taken from the bridge.  The falls are free to access, though they do have an honesty box – which we did add too!  You can walk right out onto the limestone steps and at some points the water from the River Ure was shallow enough for us to almost reach the other side.

The falls are mostly surrounded by woodland; we were going to walk into Wensleydale but Google Maps told me it was over 8 miles away! Still, there is a nice short walk across a couple of fields full of lambs and the bluebell covered woodland before you get to the Middle Falls.  The Middle Falls can be seen from a viewing platform and as far as I know you can’t walk to them. You can, however, walk alongside the Lower Falls where I managed to snap a blurry photo of a heron flying away.

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