8 July 2016

Rowing Boats in Ruswarp

On our way to Falling Foss we stopped at Ruswarp, a little village in North Yorkshire.  I’ve been on the rowing boats before several times when I was younger but haven’t been for quite a few years.  We were able to park on the road side right next to the River Esk and made our way over to the boats; the couple there helped us in to the rowing boat and I sat at the end with the ropes so that I could steer rather than attempt to row. 

We paid for an hour and I was surprised how far along the river we managed to get before we had to turn back; I suppose the faster you row the more of the countryside you get to see.  I was told when I was little that there was a whirlpool at the end and, funnily enough, we never ever got to it because I don’t think it actually exists!  The best bit about steering is that you’re looking the right way to see where you’re going; I guided us into some low hanging leaves whilst managing to keep myself out of the way!

We had a well-earned dinner at Ruswarp Riverside Café which is located right next to the pleasure boats; the food was nice and we were told about how the river had once frozen over many years ago.  There’s also a miniature railway next to the café.

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