1 July 2016

Brimham Rocks

Brimham Rocks is run by the National Trust.  Entry is free but you need to pay £5 to park.  It’s basically what it says – rocks – a number of rock formations that you can climb up and the views over Nidderdale are amazing. 

After visiting Brimham Rocks, we went into Knaresborough for dinner, although there is a café there on site.  We ate dinner in a little café called Scarlett’s Vintage Tea Rooms, hidden away from the main town centre in a courtyard around the corner from Knaresborough Castle.  We sat upstairs and ordered our food; we had a nice view out of the window and they had a set of dominos on the table.  The food was lovely and arrived quickly even though they were busy.

We had planned on walking along the river after dinner but being a typical summer day it started to rain, and thunder, and lightning so we had to make a dash for the car instead.

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