11 October 2016


We went to Gibside at the beginning of October; the weather was still quite pleasant so we decided to do one of the longer walks. (There were 4 to choose from.) To get in is about £9, so not too expensive and, once inside we headed off on our walk, beginning with the gardens. There were lots of little apple trees and such like – I was on the lookout for more conkers after an incident with a spider earlier in the week. I took some photos in the orangery, then we stopped off at the stables.

After a brief pit-stop we trekked up through the woods, breaking off from the other routes so it was a bit quieter.  There were cows in the next field which I was a bit wary of – one walked in front of us, blocking our way! After navigating past the cows, we crossed a stile, headed along a quiet road, before re-entering the woods. I made the most of the quiet and took some photos and found some chestnuts. I remember seeing roasted chestnuts at the Christmas Markets last year but I’ve never actually tried them!  

At the end of the forest route Liberty’s Column came into view; we made our way over, passing the ‘Octagon Lake’ on the way. There were only a few people at the monument when we arrived so I could take as many photos as I liked. There was an avenue of trees towards the end of the walk but they were nearly all oak trees so I gave up looking for conkers. We had a quick look around the markets that were on before we headed for the exit. As we were leaving we found a lone conker tree - but I only managed to get one as they were all still high up on the tree. It's currently sitting on my mantelpiece at home to scare away spiders. 

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