14 October 2016

Thorp Perrow

On Saturday, we decided to visit Thorp Perrow in Bedale. It’s described as a Victorian Arboretum with 100 acres of trees and gardens. We got there about midday so it wasn’t too busy when we arrived however, the Halloween trail had just started that day, and there was a giant (fake) spider in a tree which was unexpected, so it was probably busier than usual.

We walked around the lake and then managed to find a quiet spot to eat dinner. There’s also a tearoom at the entrance but we had brought our own food; although the tearoom seemed like a better option once the wasps took an interest in us!

We then went to watch the bird show. There are two shows daily; we went to watch the 1 o'clock one and it was quite busy by the time we got there. The seats were all taken so we had to stand; it turned out that I had the best view in the end - stood right next to where the owl was sitting. I also got some pictures of the other birds, including the cute owl below. During the show, the owls and falcons are able to fly off before returning for food and swooping over the audiences’ heads.

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