30 August 2017


I’ve titled this post ‘Fryup’ (mainly because I think it’s a brilliant name) but I’m not sure these photos were actually taken at Fryup, it was just the nearest place to where we were.  (Originally, that was where we were heading, but after following a couple of iffy sign posts I can’t be sure that’s where we ended up!) Fryup is a hamlet on the North York Moors and is separated into two small valleys, Great Fryup Dale and Little Fryup Dale.

However, it was a lovely little place for a walk. It was quiet so we parked on the side of the road and made our way up the heather covered hill. When we reached the top of the hill the wind had really picked up and it was absolutely freezing, but the views were amazing.  What looked like  sheep wool had caught on to the heather and made for a good picture.

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