13 October 2017

Beningbrough Hall in Autumn

In case you haven’t read my earlier post from here, Beningbrough Hall is a large Georgian mansion near the village of Beningborough in North Yorkshire and was built in 1716. I previously visited in the spring so decided to head back to have a look round now that the seasons have changed.

The carpet of snowdrops and crocuses were long gone and instead the walled gardens were in full bloom. The walls were covered by apple trees and grape vines with the fruit all ready for picking. There were also pumpkins growing which is a definite sign that autumn has arrived. I love how cute the tiny pumpkins look!

The flowerbeds as we walked towards the house were overflowing with the last of the summer flowers. This time I was able to go into the house, after being too scared to use the lift last time, the main entrance had re-opened.

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