17 October 2017

Afternoon Tea at Edinburgh Castle

At the beginning of September I was lucky enough to be treated to afternoon tea in Edinburgh, at the castle to be exact. After a three-hour train journey (which takes you along a scenic coastal route) we arrived in Edinburgh and headed up a really steep hill and made our way to the Camera Obscura. I’ve been once before when I was little but I couldn’t remember a lot of what was there, I mainly remember being scared sat in a dark room when you go to watch the camera!

There are so many different exhibits and I won’t spoilt it for you, but my favourite one was the mirror maze even though it did get a bit scary trying to find our way out. The Camera Obscura was founded in 1835 and the main feature allows you to see a real-time image of the city down below.

Our next stop was Edinburgh Castle. The castle sits on Castle Rock and is a historic fortress dating back to the 12th century. The portcullis gate is at the entrance to the castle and just inside the gate is where the One O’clock Gun is located. The gun goes off at one o’clock every day except Sundays and Christmas and if I hadn’t known it was going to happen it would have scared me half to death!

The afternoon tea was lovely – the usual selection of sandwiches, two scones each and a variety of cakes with my favourite being the strawberry tart. Oh, and a pot of tea of course.

There is so much to explore inside the grounds of the castle including Mons Meg, a 15th century siege gun, the Great Hall, and the National War Museum of Scotland if history is your thing.

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