27 October 2017

Hardwick Park

Hardwick Park is a country park in County Durham, near to Stockton-on Tees. The park gates are open from half 7 until 7 at night through to the end of October. The carpark is £3 all day so quite steep, or you can pay £2 for two hours which is probably long enough to be able to explore the whole park.

It was autumn when we visited and all the trees had started to turn. I love the colours of autumn so it was nice to walk through the woodland at this time of year. The lake is home to waterhens and geese and we also saw a couple of swans swimming about.

There are a number of grade II listed old buildings dotted about the 18th century park. Four of the gothic ruins were restored in the early 2000s – the Temple of Minerva, Gothic Ruin, Gothic Seat and the Bono Retiro.

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