25 August 2020

Cleveland Way - Helmsley to Cold Kirby

The Cleveland Way is a 109-mile walking route through Cleveland in Northern England. Starting from the castle carpark in Helmsley, the first part of the walk leads to Rievaulx, then on to a village called Cold Kirby and is 7 miles in total. It’s usually well signposted so you shouldn’t be able to get lost along the way.

Once you arrive at the bridge in Rievaulx, a short detour from the Cleveland Way will take you through the picturesque village from where you can see Rievaulx Abbey. 

Crossing over the bridge, you just follow the road until you reach a signpost on the right pointing to Cold Kirby 2 miles away. This track takes you through the woodland past 3 lakes which are home to a few geese and ducks.

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