20 October 2020

Yorkshire Dales Waterfalls - Aysgill, Cotter and Aysgarth

Starting at the bridge in the hamlet of Gayle just outside of Hawes, take the footpath behind the cottages until you reach a field. From here, you go through the gate and follow the track through the fields that will bring you to a set of steps that take you straight down the path to Aysgill waterfall. There’s only really one footpath so you shouldn’t be able to go wrong.

Cotter Force is a small waterfall on Cotterdale Beck, a minor tributary of the River Ure. Cotter is about a 2 ½ mile walk from the centre of Hawes but if you drive to the waterfall, there is roadside parking there. The footpath to the waterfall has been updated so that it is accessible for both wheelchairs and pushchairs. It’s not long into the walk before you can see the waterfall come into view. 

When we visited the other week it was a Saturday but we didn’t pass a single other person; I was surprised it was so quiet because the waterfall is really spectacular! There is a bench at the end of the walk where you can sit and admire the view, or you can climb further out along the rocks to get a closer look.

The sixth (!) and final waterfall of our trip was a quick stop off at Aysgarth. (I’ve written a post about visiting Aysgarth Falls from a few years back if you’d like to read it here).

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