2 October 2018

Butterfly World

Butterfly World is an attraction in Preston Park, home to butterflies, meerkats and other animals. Butterflies were flying everywhere as soon as we walked in, with flashes of the most beautiful vibrant colours.

The first butterflies to capture my attention were the Blue Morphos who could be seen from the second we walked in. They were darting about all over the place showing off their beautiful blue colours, until I got my camera out and they would land and turn their wings to their intricate camouflage pattern.

Although there are strict rules not to attempt to touch or capture the butterflies, if you are very still they sometimes land on you for a brief moment. We explored carefully watching each step to ensure we weren’t about to crush any of the beautiful insects.

There are over 80 different species of butterfly flying freely at Butterfly World. It took us to probably our third lap to start looking a little closer at the plants around us and to realise that there were furry caterpillars on some of the branches.

Butterfly World is also home to a few other creatures; I loved watching the meerkats and the ants that were hard at work. Butterfly World is open between 10am-4:30pm daily and costs £4.25 for adults and £3.75 for children.

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